When You’re Unlucky in Travel

Sometimes, you are simply unlucky in travel. You’re at a beach destination and it rains everyday, you end up in a city you don’t like, maybe you go hiking and the trail you wanted was closed. Not everything goes right every time you travel.

I’m currently in Norway, one of the destinations I picked out that I was the most excited for for my European leg. I had plans to do these two amazing hikes outside of Stavanger.


I landed in Norway and this excitement changed to disappointment very quickly.

Once I started trying to book my tours, I realized that all my planning still fell short. I remember planning my Norway part of my trip: I was planning on arriving here first, in early May. I remember finding out that the hike I wanted to do didn’t open until June, so I messed with my route a little bit and found a way to come in June. What the website didn’t say was that it wasn’t open for all of June. The hike opened June 10th, of course, the day I was leaving.

I was really disappointed. The hikes I wanted to do looked amazing, it’s called Kjerag Rock, check out this youtube video (not associated with Leather Backpacker/@brianjohnzon to see what I mean).

As well as not being able to do the Kjerag Rock hike, I wasn’t able to do the Pulpit Rock hike either due to poor weather during my stay in Norway. Here are some Google Images of Pulpit Rock, again not associated with any of my photographs. The weather for the duration of my trip was abysmal. It rained almost the entire time I was here, with a few hours here and there when it would let up, and about one hour of sun total. Not coincidentally, that is when I was able to take my best, albeit few, photos.

Point being, two amazing hikes that I was excited to do, but as luck (and some insufficient planning) would have it, I was found unlucky with my trip in Norway. So what do you do when the things you planned on end up being unrealized? Well, I figured I would see what else Stavanger had to offer.

I headed to the Old Town section of Stavanger, mostly comprised of small wooden white homes. Walking around, the Old Town is very pretty, but it is highly residential. There are a few little shops there and around but the Old Town doesn’t take long to go through. Of course, remaining in my unlucky streak, it started raining while I walked around, so I decided to get a beer at a pub closeby.






This was my first experience with Norwegian prices. Scandic countries are not known for ¬†being inexpensive, but I didn’t imagine it would be this bad, my beer ended up being around $12. So if you’re a budget traveler, maybe hold off on Norway.





With a brief break from the rain, I headed to Tou Scene, an old beer distillery that has become famous for street art. The walk was shy of an hour each way, but I was excited to see one of the most famous pieces of street art in Norway, a sculpture of a deer built out of trash. Upon arrival, it seemed as though nothing on this trip could go right for me, as a car was parked in front of the beautiful artwork. I even stayed there for about two hours in hopes that the car’s owner might come back.





At this point in my trip, I was angry, disappointed, sad; when will I ever get to come back to Norway?

Sometimes in travel, it might seem that every little thing you wanted to do doesn’t go the right way. Life happens and you don’t always get your fairytale vacation. You can try and make up for it by doing some smaller things you weren’t expecting to do instead, but that still might not go the way you planned either.

I wish I could’ve had a story of “I made the most of it” or “Why Norway Isn’t just for hiking” or something of the like. I tried to, truly. However, sometimes you’re just simply¬†unlucky.

The only thing you can do is find your silver lining. I wasn’t able to do the hikes I wanted to do? They were over budget. Norway is expensive, in general? I’ll come back when I’m not on quite as tight of a budget. My planning was insufficient? For this trip I couldn’t have possibly made sure that every little thing was in order, this was bound to happen. I even switched the dates of my time in Norway to accommodate for the timing, yet still wasn’t good enough. But for when I return to Norway, I’ll know more about what to do and when to come. Almost all of my photos were relatively poor? Maybe you guys will like this post!

I’ll have to come back to Norway, but for now, I’ll just have to move along to my next destination, and hope that I’m not quite so unlucky there.



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